The History committe meets on a monthly basis and chronicles the history of the church. They maintain photos, news articles, and any other items that may need to be preserved as part of Calvary's history.

 The History of Calvary Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Alamogordo, was organized on September 11. 1898. Over the years, they started many missions which would eventually become churches. The Indian Wells Mission was such a dream started in February 1955 when Pastor Whitlow presented the matter of purchasing four lots located at the corner of Porto Rico and Indian Wells Road extending to the corner of Cuba Avenue. The Indian Wells Mission building became a reality in January 1955.


Numerous additions to the membership by letter within months. Among the first people to be baptized and added to the congregation were: Jess Black, Bessie Black, Gary Black on June 3 with Roland Black being baptized on August 26.


Positions were swiftly filled for committees, teachers, staff, and other activities as members accepted the challenges and responsibilities. On October 14, 1956, First Baptist Church had voted to give Indian Wells Mission the privilege of organizing into a church the first Sunday in January of 1957, if Indian Wells Mission was self-supporting, financially. A week later, the Mission accepted the challenge. December 9, 1956, a vote changed the name of Indian Wells Mission to Calvary Baptist Church, and would become effective on the date of organization.